The fast sailing Yacht


In 2008, during my second Vendée Globe, I had a dream : design and build the ideal sailboat. Alone amidst the ocean, I felt like sharing the extraordinary sensations that one can feel on a racing sailboat such as an IMOCA.

This dream has now name : « The Kid ». She is of course smaller than an IMOCA (54 ft vs 60 ft), but designed in the same spirit : carbon infusion, swing keel, stacking carousel. With no compromise on performances, The Kid is a racing sailboat much more comfortable than her « big brothers » : true cabins, kitchen, welcoming saloon, heads, shower. A sailboat designed for sailors who want to experiment the feeling of fast offshore sailing in race conditions without giving up too much on comfort.



Le 09 juin 2021

La boucle est bouclée !

Après 12 000 milles parcourus, "The Kid for Ville de Nice" est de retour à St-Pierre & Miquelon


Le 22 avril 2021

Jean-Pierre Dick : ses nouveaux défis !

Avec le soutien de la Ville de Nice, et sur son fidèle plan Verdier, le "gentleman skipper" a choisi de renouer avec ses premières...