ARC 2018 : JP54 wins overall

Jean-Pierre Dick : I am a happy man ! Once again, winning is a wonderful experience

In human terms, because we set our sights on introducing offshore racing to amateurs, who dreamt of experiencing it first-hand. And what an experience !

They never imagined that a transatlantic race could be so intense. Everyone participated fully in the race, steering with a big spinnaker in the trade winds, covering the watches one by one without a worry.
They had their eyes on the ranking and enjoyed routing with me. We managed the small technical hitches together. They each gave their all to win and it’s a real success. I am proud of my team and of having instilled them with my passion for the sea !
It was a competitive race, since, once again, the JP54 demonstrated its extraordinary potential. We finished first overall nonetheless, ahead of one 39 m boat and one 24-metre boat. What a performance, don’t you think ?
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Le 19 novembre 2018

JP54 charter and races 2019-20 program


The program of races & charters dates for 2019 & 2020

Le 19 novembre 2018

Transat ARC for The Kid JP54


Next sunday november 25th, starting the ARC 2018 form Las Palmas to Sainte-Lucie.