JP54 repatriation


We set up a commando of 4 sailors to bring back the JP54 "Notre Méditerranée - Ville de Nice" from the Azores: they arrived yesterday morning at dawn, after 7 days of crossing in a very bad weather: rain, depressions and cold. Mission accomplished !

Click here to see JP54's arrival.

Thank you and congratulations to my team (including Fabien, the skipper from Nice like me!) who struggled like never before.

We couldn't imagine a better gift than this beautiful sun to celebrate this morning.


We have a lot to do to prepare the JP54 for the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe: we are coming out of a meeting with the technical team. The boat will leave immediately for a 2-month refit with a change of engine and installation of the single-handed configuration on the program, not to mention a complete overhaul.


I will give you information very quickly in my newsletter which I am preparing. The next issue should leave in a few days.

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Le 31 mai 2022

Where is the boat?


Suivez le JP54 lors de ses navigations

Le 30 mai 2022