Qualification :

May, the 1st ,  arriving in Bermuda , Jean-Pierre qualified himself with his JP54 “Notre Méditerranée – Ville de Nice” for the Route du Rhum 2022. It's a great step to be taken.

The finish was a bit stressful. Jean-Pierre didn't know the place and the weather was windy. Fortunately, he was able to count on his shore team with whom he exchanged quite a bit and on his sense of the sea to judge the manoeuvres to be carried out.

On the overall, things have been well organized and it has been a very good qualifying between Marie Galante and Bermuda. Jean-Pierre came into cohesion with his JP54 and rediscovered his feelings as a competitor.

He did almost everything upwind and in rather steady winds, with a small high pressure to cross 500 nautical miles from the finish, a rather soft wind zone, never easy to negotiate.

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A new partner :

It has also been the opportunity for him to officially introduce you to Groupe François 1er, which wanted to join the adventure as a partner.

Groupe François 1er and Jean-Pierre share the same concern for preservation:


For Groupe François 1er, real estate heritage that they restore and enhance, and for Jean-Pierre the Mediterranean that he will represent through the competition.


Jean-Pierre will therefore be very honored to wear their colors alongside his current partners Ville de Nice, ABC arbitrage, FLYTRANS, DUNCAN Nice and Breizh Bio.


Next step :

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