THE KID “Notre Méditerranée – Ville de Nice”

We relaunched the JP54 “Notre Méditerranée – Ville de Nice” last week with its new decoration. I really like it !

It was also the end of two and a half months of intense work during which we have put the boat in single-handed configuration.


The main innovations :

  • We installed new sources of energy: solar panels and a new engine.
  • We changed our compass for a new model usually used in aviation, which should provide impeccable handling.
  • We fitted longer rudders to prevent yawings.
  • We upgraded the winches and downhaul to manual rather than hydraulic versions, as this is the rule for the Route du Rhum.
  • Finally, we have completely checked, reassembled, or replaced all the equipment of the JP54 "Notre Méditerranée - Ville de Nice". Thank you to the whole team for that.


Route du Rhum preparation

I'm now going to step up my pace of preparation for the Route du Rhum with a program that will be made up of offshore sailing, physical training and public relations: I'm going to take our partners sailing.

Many thanks to them for supporting me. I can't wait to be on the ocean on my own now !

See you very soon and if you want to know more about my project, click on the link to subscribe to my newsletter .