Guillaume Verdier



A boat inevitably results from the convergence of individual experiences. Jean Pierre was full of ideas linked to his mixed experience of 60's and cruising; notably, the idea of creating a simple to manoeuvre cruising yacht which is still a pleasure to sail. This boat will reach very high speeds for a cruising boat, but, for all that, this does not make it a Vendée Globe boat. We use “Single-handed” techniques for the deck plan, since we can say that the skipper of a cruising yacht is often in manoeuvring “solo”.

It is therefore simple. We reduced the number of complicated systems, which end up lacking in reliability, and require a great deal of maintenance."


Young talented architect,Guillaume Verdier designs highly sought after high performing IMOCA 60's. His work is renowned and admired in offshore racing circles, both for his monohulls, multihulls, 6.50 minis and 40'. High performance is at the heart of his preoccupations.


“Through our experience of single-handed sailing we have been able to design a yacht really easy to use. Moreover, we have added the option of hydraulics for the Harken Racing winches, to haul in or hoist the sails without effort if such is your wish. facility and conviviality are on the agenda!”


Le 09 juin 2021

La boucle est bouclée !


Après 12 000 milles parcourus, "The Kid for Ville de Nice" est de retour à St-Pierre & Miquelon

Le 22 avril 2021

Jean-Pierre Dick : ses nouveaux défis !


Avec le soutien de la Ville de Nice, et sur son fidèle plan Verdier, le "gentleman skipper" a choisi de renouer avec ses premières...