Interior arrangement

interior arrangement JP Dick boatSailing Confort

A large panoramic seat hugs the line of the hull. It is a perfect place to lie down or enjoy a quiet read when leeward! The heads mounted on gimbals can be used at sea even in the toughest weather conditions. These are some of the many small details worth discovering and, above all, experiencing!

The revolving interior

In order to optimise the performance of JP54, the yacht has been given a satellite. This is a new concept developed on board Paprec-Virbac 2. The satellite is a storage space which allows the transfer of the weight on board windward in a few seconds. It is the first time that a similar concept has been put into use on a cruising yacht. The gain is important both on a level of comfort and performance. The satellite also avoids complicated ballast systems.”

Two spacious owner cabins

The Jp 54 has two large cabins to the stern with real doors for privacy. You can work in them peacefully. There are 2 rest areas in the bow for the young.


Everything is thought out to make your sailing trip comfortable, as with anchoring or manoeuvring in harbour. As much as possible is fitted to keep the cook and the crew happy.


A single large bathroom on board (reduces the grey and blackwater tanks as well as piping required)

Technical area and storage at the bow:
Accessibility and functionality enable the storage of equipment and help cope will all eventualities.

Bathing space to the rear with hot water shower for those sensitive to the cold. Easy access. A swimmer can climb aboard without a ladder. However, there is one, in case!