Sail comfortably



Fast & Comfortable: no need to compromise with the JP54!

The JP54 gives you a novel experience enabling you to reconcile the pleasures of sailing aboard an extremely high performance and innovative boat, whilst benefiting from her ease of handling and her unique design. 
There is no compromise to be made between speed, comfort and the pleasure of sailing; the JP54 brings together all these elements to satisfy your desire to get away from it all. As such you'll be able to fully benefit from new horizons and the thrills of speed, amidst the sounds of the wind, the sea and the birds… Revel in the indescribable freedom and pleasures synonymous with sailing, and share these unforgettable moments with family or friends.

Ease of sailing

“The experience of sailing single-handed has enabled us to design a boat which is really easy to use.” JP Dick

The uncluttered deck layout of the JP54 facilitates movement around the boat, both whilst under sail and at anchor. Virtually all the manœuvres can be performed from the cockpit, protected from the waves. Indeed, the hydraulic Harken Racing winches ensure that manoeuvring is no longer a heavy physical activity and as such it is possible to make sail changes in a matter of minutes.

Enjoy the comfort of a saloon below deck

The JP54 is a comfortable boat, which is both uncluttered and spacious, with clean lines and a unique design. Integrated into the living space the galley pivots in order to transfer the weight to windward in a matter of seconds. This innovation enables the performance of the JP54 to be optimised, whilst benefiting from an original and comfortable galley, equipped with numerous clever stowage facilities. This ensures that cooking is effortless even to windward.

A real haven of peace, the JP54 is ideal for sailing with your family, A subtle blend of conviviality and intimacy, the JP54 gives you the chance to share some exceptional moments in the harmonious shared spaces in the saloon, the galley and the living area. Furthermore, for quieter moments there is the luxury of private cabins.

The pleasure of speed, the discovery of new horizons and the comfort on the water, make the JP54 a unique fast cruiser.

"To sail in a beautiful boat designed for her functionality, that is our goal. JP54 is a quite simply highly innovative and is far from the beaten track of everything that has been done up to in terms of design. You can be the judge."

Jean-Pierre Dick