Sail everywhere


Discovering new horizons

The JP54 is fast, light and designed for long haul navigation, enabling you to rapidly get to your destination in complete safety as well as discover new ones. As such you will be able to satisfy your desire to get away from it all.

Gearing up for a successful cruise

The anchor is on its windlass. The sun awning is integrated in the boom and the motorised tender is accessible in an instant! The aim is to be able to anchor or weigh anchor and power away in less than 10 minutes flat, double-handed!

You can also reduce draught when anchoring with 3.5 m at sea for high-performance and 2.6 m near the coast. By canting the keel 50 degrees to port and positioning the living pod to starboard, the boat becomes level again. This is wonderful for entering shallow creeks and harbours and is a symbol of how smart technology can be used in cruising!

Listening to the wind and the seabirds

Thanks to the hybrid propulsion, we can approach an anchorage or harbour silently, safe in the knowledge that she will handle superbly! As such reaching your destination is always a special moment.

"During my second Vendée Globe, I thought of stopping on the Auckland Islands south of New Zealand, however, this is not easy to do in an Open 60. I said to myself that the JP 54 would have to be able to anchor in a bay or set off again in less than 10 minutes. The pleasure of sailing comes with the ease with which you can discover a place.”

Jean-Pierre Dick