Sails / Mast / Rigging

Ease of use

"The geometry of the mast provides maximum safety without the need to manage runners during manoeuvres. These allow you to tighten the forestays close hauled and abeam resulting in high-performance and therefore avoid needless stress on board. When sailing close hauled, there is a sail for each type of weather: staysail (20 kn and more) solent (10 to 20 kn) and genoa (0 to 10 kn); downwind, gennaker or spinnaker! The power is always there, but, more important, so is the control.

Result: the JP 54 can be manoeuvred with a limited crew of 2 sailors."

Sails characteristics

The inventory of the boat includes a full set of carbon / Technora / Dyneema North Sails.

Mainsail: 114m2
Solent: 68m2
Staysail: 31m2
Genoa : 102m2
Spinnaker (optional): 320m2