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Stéphanie Marin interior design

Stéphanie Marin"It is a project that sees the “marine” style flourish between lightness and constraints. Functional and modular aspects are studied in detail and ergonomics are always the guide to what is being looked for in the marine vocabulary.

Jean Pierre imagined this new boat, as beeing at the intersection between the world of extreme sport, through its race-like performance,and the world of luxury and know-how.

The Lightness, speed and longed-for dream values of this project, are also my own.It is a great opportunity for me to be able to work on this innovative approach.
The design, aesthetic qualities, lightness, solidity, longevity and comfort had to be able to cohabit, and I believe that we are not crazy to wish to unite them. It is just a lot of hard work. Uses reduced to the essential, nothing superfluous; this is not much, but quality and functionality are the guidelines for this project. I was able to suggest highly designed forms in order to take on the maximum number of constraints."

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“In order to optimise the performance of JP 54, the yacht has been given a satellite. This is a new concept developed on board Paprec-Virbac 2. The satellite is a storage space which allows the transfer of the weight to windward in a few seconds. It is the first time that a similar concept has been put into use on a cruising yacht. The gain is important both on a level of comfort and performance. The satellite also avoids complicated ballast systems.”

Jean-Pierre Dick


Le 11 décembre 2018

ARC 2018 : JP54 wins overall

Le JP54 au portant sous spi

Jean-Pierre Dick : I am a happy man ! Once again, winning is a wonderful experience

Le 19 novembre 2018

JP54 charter and races 2019-20 program


The program of races & charters dates for 2019 & 2020