Technical overview

JP Dick technical overview


Hull lenght 16.45 meters
Overall length 18.235 meters
Beam 5.3 meters
Air draft 25.10 meters
Draft 3.5 meters (2.5 m with the keel canted)
Displacement 9 tons
Engine Steyr Motor MO54 Hybrid (sail drive)
Diesel engine 55 hp
Electric propulsion mode 7 kw
Sail area upwind 216 m2
Sail area downwind 434 m2
Architect Guillaume Verdier
Interior designer Stéphanie Marin
Concept Jean-Pierre Dick
Builder Absolute Dreamer

Le 23 décembre 2021

The Kid For Ville de Nice's arrival In Saint Lucia


Beautiful arrival of The Kid For Ville de Nice in little less than 13 days. The JP54 with Jean Pierre Dick as skipper takes the second...

Le 09 juin 2021

La boucle est bouclée !


Après 12 000 milles parcourus, "The Kid for Ville de Nice" est de retour à St-Pierre & Miquelon